TigerFlight Foundation Programs

TigerFlight Foundation focuses on the mission of leading youth to the dream of flight and inspiring youth and adults to become “Pilots In Command” of their own lives.


Inspiring a Career in Aviation

Boy Scouts of America Aviation Merit Badge

  • Structure: Aviation Merit Badge – Academics and a 30-Min Flight
  • $60 Donation/Scout Appreciated (Parent flights also available.)
  • About 15-20 Scouts; Smaller Troops Can Pair Up
    • Arrive 8:30 am – Introductions and Safety Briefing
    • Academics – Aviation MB Worksheet
    • Airport Tour and Aircraft Preflight
    • Parents Fly During Academics & Tour
    • Lunch
    • Afternoon: Scouts Fly, Build FP-9 Glider, Desktop Simulator
    • Depart – 4:00 pm
  • Academics Delivered by Certified Flight Instructors
  • TF Ground Crew (High School Students)
    • Implement EDGE Method
    • Help with Classroom Academics
    • Conduct Tour and Demonstrate Aircraft Preflight
    • Facilitate the FP-9 Glider Activity
    • Demonstrate & Supervise Desktop Aircraft Simulator

Pilot In Command of Your Own Life Presentation

  • You are the “Pilot In Command Of Your Life.” The responsibility is yours.
  • You are designed to succeed.
  • We encourage you to find your dream and to go after it.
  • You create your own opportunities.
  • You can build a plan and execute it.
  • We teach that you can understand and accept challenges and learn how to overcome them.
  • We teach that the “Big Win” in your life is just ahead of you.

This inspirational, high energy, and instructive presentation, by a uniformed TigerFlight pilot, will energize any program!

Donations are always welcome!

TigerFlight Ground Crew

  • Sequoyah HS AFJROTC and Rome HS Students
  • Trained by TF Pilots
  • Culture of Safety – Not Just with Aviation
  • Learning About Aviation
    • Physics of Flight
    • Aircraft Systems
    • Navigation
  • Support 2nd Saturday Activities
    • Deliver Morning Brief & Manage Flightline Safety
    • Engage Visiting Youth – Share Passion for Aviation

TigerFlight Formation Flight Team Flyovers For Special Events

Formation flyovers for military funerals and all types of special events when an impactful and inspiring flight demonstration is desired.

Contact: Janice Hudson for further information about this most unique and limited service. info@tigerflightfoundation.org

TigerFlight – Honoring a Fallen Hero at the National Military Cemetary

Dear Phil,

The family of Jim Caldwell will never forget the fly over with the missing man formation that honored my husband and their father, grandfather and great grandfather. From the start to finish the ease at which this memorial was executed was flawless. Our service was limited to 30 minutes at the cemetery and as such the timing of the flyover had to be precise and precise it was. Just as our memorial ended and we began to make the announcement and explain the two planned passes we heard the buzz of the approaching planes. Our guests stepped from under the shelter and watched in awe as the four trails of smoke emerged and the first pass was overhead. We then explained that the next pass would execute a missing man formation and moments later when the flight made its pass tears were shed as the third pilot extinguished his smoke and soared high and away into the sun. Afterward, we dried our eyes and many began to replay the entire event on their phones and compare who best captured the moments we will all remember. It was a most fitting tribute to Jim and we cannot thank you and the four wonderful pilots of TigerFlight for making it possible.

Diane Caldwell

The TigerFlight formation flight team, flying former military type single-engine prop aircraft, offers this solemn flyover to honor the service of former military men, women and their families. TigerFlight can also provide a flyover for your special events. The flights are performed by veteran military service pilots and civilian specially trained formation pilots.